Accommodation policies, reservations, cancellations and no show.

We are a family owned and operated business.

Hello, dear guest, welcome to Pousada do Capão!

It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to our hostel, a space where we intend you to enjoy with the same tranquility and pleasure that your home enjoys!

In order for this to take advantage of your stay, we are committed to reminding our guests with some information to harmonize our relationship.

Accommodation: The Pousada do Capão has 26 apartments and 1 chalet. Our values ​​are established according to the period of use, type of apartment and the number of occupants. Daily hours:
Daily rates start at 2:00 pm and end at 12:00 the next day, regardless of check-in time. if there is a need to stay with the luggage in the apartments after the end of the contracted period, ask the reception about availability.

Please read our rules of conduct carefully

• Our reception is open from 7:00 to 22:30 If you want to contact the reception to call extension 200, 201 or 205

• In case of valuables that you need to leave at the inn, ask to be kept in our safe, the inn is large and there is no way to monitor all rooms full time. We are only responsible for values ​​stored in our safe.

• Our area code is 31. To make external calls, dial 0 (wait for a line) and dial your contact's number. The call will be charged automatically by the System. Our central can transfer external calls automatically to your apt if the caller is aware of the extension number.

• We do not have room service.

• The bath is heated by a solar plate, so whenever you turn on the hot, wait a few seconds and then adjust with the cold.

• Our breakfast is served in the restaurant from 07:30 and ends at 10:00.

• Restaurant orders start from 2 pm and continue until 8 pm (It is interesting that you order in advance by scheduling the time you want to eat.)

• The keys and control of the air conditioner is the responsibility of the guest while using, there will be a repair fee if they are damaged.

• Sound is not allowed through speakers or speakers in the common areas of the Pousada. The use of sound in the rooms must be at low volume and must not be past 22:00

• Smoking in apartments is subject to a half-day fine.

• It is forbidden to leave the air conditioning or TV on when the guest is out of the room, and this practice is subject to a half-day fine.

• Bed and bath linen, torn, stained with makeup, wine, or other foreign substances at the inn will be charged at check out.

See reservations, cancellations and no show

The reservation is only considered confirmed when made by email exchange between the parties and the payment of 50% of the total reservation. Payment must be made within a maximum of 24 hours from the response email with details for the deposit. At the end of this period, the reservation falls and a new email must be sent to the Pousada's Central Reservation in order to consult if there is still a vacancy for the period.

If there is a need to cancel or change the reservation date, the client must notify the Pousada's Reservation Center in writing up to seven (07) days from the date of entry.

The cancellation or change of dates will be subject to the charging of fees according to the conditions below.

Reservation transfer: No date transfer fee will be charged, which must be rescheduled for use within the next 6 months from the date of the original reservation. You will be charged only for any price difference between one period and another.

Booking cancellation:
In advance reservations that are canceled within seven days of confirmation, the amounts deposited as a deposit will be returned, discounted 20% to cover financial and tax costs. In case of no-show or cancellation outside the seven-day period, regardless of reason, the amounts received as a deposit will not be returned. * See transfer of reservations.

Withdrawal without cancellation. "no show":
Non-attendance without prior written notice, on the scheduled arrival date, will be considered "no show" (cancellation without cancellation). The vacancy will remain available for 24 hours from the time of entry. After this period the reservation will be canceled (with retention of 100% of the amount paid), making the vacancy available to another interested party.

Withdrawal after check-in: The withdrawal of stay on arrival or after entering the Pousada, as well as early departure for any reason WILL NOT GIVE RIGHT TO ANY TYPE OF REFUND, REFUND IN CASH OR CREDIT IN NEW DAYS, causing the total loss of the amount paid for the package or daily.

Animals: Respecting the rules of the convention of Pousada do Capão, we do not accept animals brought by guests into the premises without notice and observance of the rules and payment of fees *. the onus will be borne by the client as a result of non-compliance with this standard, INCLUDING THE INPUT OF GUESTS THAT DO NOT RESPECT.

* see rules for your Pet.

We hope your stay is peaceful, with lots of peace and love!


Team: Pousada do Capão.

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