How to get there / Location.

Located at 1,000 m from sea level, Vale do Capão is 21 km away, on a dirt road, from the city of Palmeiras, in Chapada Diamantina, Bahia. CEP 46.940.000

Our coordinates (GPS): 12: 37'19,80 "W 41:29 '19.80" O


Car: From Salvador, it is approximately 450 km by BR-242 (Salvador-Brasília) and 7 hours of travel, strolling through beautiful landscapes on a great road.

Bus: The company Real Expresso (0800 600 1155) has two buses that leave Salvador daily and arrive in the municipality of Palmeiras. In Palmeiras, you can easily take a transport to Vale do Capão.

Plane: Trip Linhas Aéreas / has flights on Thursdays and Saturdays from Salvador (BA) to Lençóis (BA). Horacio de Matos Airport (Tanquinho de Lençóis) is located 70 km from Vale do Capão.