Visão da janela principal dos apartamentos de 20 a 29

Located in Chapada Diamantina, Bahia in the city of Palmeiras in the district of Caeté Açú and in the center of Vale do Capão, the Pousada is a beautiful place that offers an experience of total integration with nature. In an area of 100 thousand m², meeting spaces, amphitheater, convention room, restaurant, pizzeria, wine cellar, library, steam room, river with natural pool, gourmet space, massage rooms, 3 km indoor trail and many gardens . Next to the trails and waterfalls it is an ideal place to relax. Our suspended garden to meditate at sunset, the gazebos in the garden by the fire at night will prepare you for an excellent night's sleep and awaken with a breakfast prepared with regional foods and lots of love.

Welcome to Pousada do Capão!

It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to our hostel, a space where we intend you to enjoy with the same security, tranquility and pleasure that your home enjoys!
In order to make the best use of your stay, we are committed to reminding our guests with some information that will help harmonize our relationship.
Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, our Pousada expanded the common spaces and developed a mandatory internal security protocol!
According to the guidance of the Municipal Protocol of Palmeiras - BA
Our apartments are cleaned 24 hours before check in, and the cleaning of the accommodation will be done every 2 (two) days, and the bed linen changed every 3 (three) days, occasions when the guest should release the accommodation and leave all belongings stored.
If there is a need for cleaning, or extra changes, it will be necessary to make an appointment. The time for request will be from 07:30 to 10:00 at the reception of the Inn.

Attention: change in the configuration of the apartments, eg extra bed, separation of beds etc. must be requested at the time of booking, if it was not requested, it can only be attended to in the next daily rate.
Check in: There is no need to remove luggage from the car at the time of check in. All of our accommodations have parking nearby.
Address if the reservation is received by the reservation holder.

It is not allowed to be without the use of the mask in the environments and common internal areas of the Pousada. In the external areas, please keep the regulatory distance.
Breakfast / Restaurant: there will be no buffet, meals will be served at the table.
The use of the mask is mandatory when it is necessary to circulate in the restaurant.
To avoid agglomerations, a maximum of 4 (four) people from the same group will be allowed per table.
Groupings of tables will not be allowed, the distance must be respected.

We are only accepting a minimum stay of 2 (Two) nights at the Pousada.

Thank you for your cooperation and collaboration.